Colour Analysis

The basis to improved image and personal style is to know your power colours; the colours that make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

In this two hour consultation we assess you life style, fashion personality and colours.  You will discover what colours enhance your looks and learn how to use colour successfully in your clothing, accessories and cosmetics.  At the end of the session, you will receive a personalised workbook and a colour wallet with 48 precision dyed fabric colour swatches which fits easily in your handbag to accompany you on your shopping trips.

Colour has a major influence on how we feel and how others react to us. 

Colour describes you to the world!

Colour analysis is for people of all ages, both women and men.

A GIA IN STYLE Colour Consultation involves analysing the unique colour combinations of your skin, eyes and hair as well as your lifestyle and personality resulting in a set of colours and colour combinations that will make you look more radiant, healthier, younger and as a result more beautiful.

We use the 12 season colour analysis system, which is the most advanced and accurate colour system available today. 

TEMPERATURE = Warm or Cool

VALUE = Light or Dark (Deep)

CHROMA = Clear or Soft

Knowing what colours work for you will help you:


  • Look younger, healthier, and more energetic
  • Skin will appear smoother, clearer, more radiant
  • Eyes will sparkle; hair will shine. Teeth will look whiter and your smile brighter
  • Wrinkles, scars, blemishes, freckles and facial imperfections will be less apparent


  • Buy only colours and clothes that work for you
  • Wardrobe will be more coordinated and versatile
  • Wear less makeup


  • Approach shopping with confidence and clarity
  • Reduce decision making time
  • Eliminate the need to see every item on the rack
  • Mix and match to easily create outfits


  • Lift your spirits by wearing the colours that reflect your inner energy
  • Feel more confident

Find out your best colours for your hair, make-up, wardrobe and accessories and never make another colour mistake.

Contact us for an appointment and/or further information.

Gift certificates are available.

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