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Gia in Style Models: Luxembourg based fashion models and hostesses for events in Luxembourg

Gia in Style provides image consulting services for individuals, companies and social groups.

What exactly is an Image Consultant? An Image Consultant helps polish your outward appearance to better express the person you are on the inside. They give you the tools to help you look your personal best ... not like everyone else.

Your personal image tells the world who you are and where you are going. How you dress, groom and communicate ultimately determines your success in today's turbulent business and personal environment.

The first impression you give is crucial and it is important to know how to create a good first impression.

The moment a stranger sees you, his or her brain makes a thousand assumptions: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable, confident?

And these assumptions are made at lightning speed. Researchers from NYU found that we make eleven major decisions about one another in the first seven seconds of meeting.

First impressions are more heavily influenced by non-verbal cues than verbal cues, hence the importance of your appearance. In fact, studies have found that non-verbal cues have over four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.

Whilst you cannot stop people from making snap decisions, you can learn how to make those decisions work in your favour.


"Le luxe est une affaire d'argent. L'élégance est une question d'éducation" Sacha Guitry

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